Valuation Services

IRC 409A Valuations

As industry experts, Boston Meridian is ideally suited to deliver IRC 409A valuations. Formal valuations are necessary for private companies to show that their common stock options are issued at fair market value. Section 409A requires that such valuations are performed at least once every 12 months to avoid tax penalties.

Evaluation Expertise

We help corporate and investor clients evaluate overall and unit business value prior to contemplating a capital raise, merger or investment in a new business line.

Fairness Opinions

An increased regulatory environment and greater demands on corporate governance have made separate and distinct fairness opinions an absolute requirement for not only acquisition participants but also for their Board of Directors. Boston Meridian brings a wealth of analytical knowledge and domain expertise to bear in the formulation of our opinions to better help company fiduciaries understand the valuation and terms of a transaction so that they may use their best business judgment in representing their shareholders.

As a firm solely focused on M&A and private capital advisory, Boston Meridian is able to provide our fairness opinion without the potential conflict exposure of larger banks, and at a significant discount given the flexibility of our model.