Governance and Risk Management

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Companies big and small use differing sets of software to accomplish their day-to-day operations and this software can number in the 1000s of independent tools. Some are home-grown applications, some are purchased, and some are “leased”. With the advent of cloud, companies can develop on their own platform as a service or use software as a service. These areas include SaaS/Cloud applications, ERP, CRM, HRM, Supply Chain, financial, project lifecycle management, and CAD.

Regulating bodies around the world have implemented governance standards around how companies build, secure, and use their software and protect their data. We help identify companies help with the due diligence side of the risk management equation because there is an obligation now all the way through the organization from the board level on down. Did you know and if you did then you have an obligation to do something about it. Ignorance is not an option!

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