M&A Advisory

Seller Advisory

We advise our clients in the identification of, approach and negotiation with prospective strategic or financial partners in order to yield the maximum value in the sale or merger of their business. We spend considerable time meeting and working with the large strategic buyers. We maintain relationships with professionals who are responsible for a range of initiatives inside their organizations. Our intimate knowledge of the private company landscapes and research-level technical expertise enables us to provide unique value in these conversations.

Acquirer Advisory

We help our clients supplement their internal growth by providing valuable acquisition ideas, assisting with strategic partner introductions, negotiating targets to closure, and advising on structuring a compelling transaction. Our ongoing dialogue with potential acquirers gives us insight into areas of potential interest so we can be proactive with ideas. Our research-level knowledge of the various industry landscapes enables us to quickly identify leading technologies while also providing advice on situations that are actionable.

Fairness Opinion Advisor

We help our client’s management and shareholders form an opinion as to the financial “fairness” of a contemplated transaction per SEC or Board of Director requirements.

Operating Unit Divestiture

We help our clients evaluate options for non-performing business units including sourcing potential financial or strategic acquisition partners.

Leverage Buyouts / Recapitalization

We help our investor clients or management teams to recapture unrealized company value through either taking a company private or purchasing a majority share of an asset from existing shareholders.