Boston Meridian advises NoPassword on its Acquisition by LogMeIn

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of NoPassword to LogMeIn. NoPassword’s pioneering solution is designed to provide Human & Hidden Multi-factor Authentication, intelligent Identity Governance & Management, and password-free Single Sign-On. With NoPassword, businesses can prevent cyber attacks and ensure user/employee privacy while maintaining ease of use and immediate access to applications.

NoPassword is the first SSO solution that does not store user credentials or biometrics on a centralized server. NoPassword performs continuous authentication and reduces the need for passwords, which are the source of 85% of cyber attacks. The solution uses factors such as device identity, location, time, and proximity to authenticate users. These hidden factors are authenticated behind the scene, which allows for a continuous and frictionless user experience. NoPassword’s use cases include online authorization, mobile login, Virtual Private Network, Internet of Things, and more.

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