VeriSign’s iDefense is Acquired by Accenture

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of VeriSign’s (NASDAQ: VRSN) iDefense Security Intelligence Services to Accenture (NYSE: ACN). iDefense is one of the world’s first, and most reputable, threat intelligence organizations providing unmatched context regarding vulnerability exploitation, cyber espionage, cyber crime, and hacktivism. It utilizes a graph database to help enterprises improve their security posture by correlating threats, actors, and incidents so that resources can be allocated immediately and efficiently. The capabilities of iDefense will complement the adversary simulation that Accenture offers (leveraging a previous acquisition, FusionX) and the rest of the cybersecurity solutions within Accenture’s Global Delivery Network.

“There simply isn’t enough time, budget or human resources to defend against every imaginable attack scenario or adversary without intelligent systems and automation. That’s why having the best available threat intelligence is critical to helping us protect our clients’ entire value chains, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth,” said Kelly Bissell, managing director of Accenture Security. “We are confident that the collective capabilities of Accenture Security and iDefense can help organizations better understand where threats are coming from and adjust protections before damage is done.”

Boston Meridian acted as sole financial advisor to VeriSign, Inc.

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