Camouflage Software is Acquired by Imperva

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of Camouflage Software to Imperva (NASDAQ: IMPV). Camouflage is the market leader in data masking, data security, and risk management solutions. Their technology transforms sensitive data in order to share it for application testing, development, research, and analysis, all while maintaining privacy protection. With Camouflage, organizations can discover where sensitive data resides, continuously monitor data access, and detect and contain breaches by identifying and blocking instances of data abuse. Their products minimize the number of places where sensitive data is stored, thus reducing cyber threat exposure and aiding in compliance with the myriad of data privacy regulation.

“Through our OEM agreement with Camouflage, we saw the value of their data security offerings and how it helped to provide Imperva customers with the flexibility to use data assets while minimizing the risk associated with exposing sensitive data," said Mark Kraynak, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise solutions for Imperva. “We look forward to extending the Imperva solution to include data security functionality that can further protect against cyberattacks and help customers achieve greater regulatory compliance."

Boston Meridian acted as sole financial advisor to Camouflage Software.

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