Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of SecurityMatters to ForeScout. SecurityMatters is a revolutionary network visibility and threat detection platform designed to monitor and protect critical infrastructure while enhancing the reliability of control systems. The product, SilentDefense, identifies state-sponsored cyber attacks and maintains a proprietary library of over 1,600 threat indicators specific to industrial control systems.

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of SS8 to HighBar Partners. SS8 is a leading provider of Lawful Intercept and Monitoring Center platforms. Their technology simplifies compliance for lawful intercept, correlates intelligence, and reconstructs communications to provide actionable insight on subjects of interest. BreachDetect, the enterprise offering, has alerting and network investigation capabilities to improve threat detection and reduce attacker dwell time.

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of PhishMe to a private equity consortium. PhishMe is the leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions. The acquisition valued the company at $400 million. In conjunction with the transaction, PhishMe has changed its name to Cofense, which reflects collaborative defense. Cofense emphasizes the Company’s broad portfolio of enterprise-wide attack detection, response and orchestration solutions [...]

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of Sqrrl to Amazon Web Services. Sqrrl is the first and only purpose-built Threat Hunting Platform to detect cyber adversaries that have evaded detection or proper prioritization by existing cyber defenses. The Company utilizes linked data, machine learning, UEBA, risk scoring, and Big Data technologies to provide a behavior graph that reveals malicious patterns and anomalies hidden within security datasets [...]

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the strategic investment in ReversingLabs by Trident Capital Cybersecurity and JPMorgan Chase. ReversingLabs is a leading unified software provider of Massively Scalable File Analysis, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, and Accelerated Forensics. The Company enables security teams to prevent and respond to breaches more [...]

Boston Meridian is pleased to announce the sale of VeriSign’s (NASDAQ: VRSN) iDefense Security Intelligence Services to Accenture (NYSE: ACN).iDefense is one of the world’s first, and most reputable, threat intelligence organizations providing unmatched context regarding vulnerability exploitation, cyber espionage, cyber crime, and hacktivism. [...]

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